Welcome To Our New Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first edition of the STEM Response Team blog from the University of Wolverhampton! We’re really excited to share this brand new project with all of you at home.

Over the last 8 months (wow, where has the time gone!), we’ve had a go at loads of new things to help you all at home get your STEM fix. From Micro Mondays; Wild Wednesdays; and Forensic Fridays on our social media, to making fun videos about our socially distanced science outings, we’ve been busy all through this crazy time.

With Lockdown: The Sequel’ in full swing, we’ve decided to try something completely new. We want to try some new ways of bringing STEM into the homes of our followers, and that’s where this blog comes in!

So whether you’re interested in what’s happening in the SciComm universe, want to peer under the microscope at what’s happening in Microbiology, decide to grab your binoculars and observe wilderness through a different lens, or investigate current events within forensic studies — there will be content here to get lost in.

So sit back, relax, grab a warm or cold drink of choice, and come on a brand new scientific journey with us.

By Phoebe Hinton-Sheley

To learn more about the STEM Response Team, why not visit our website: bit.ly/STEMResponeTeamWLV

Twitter and Facebook: @STEMResponseWLV